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The man who went to the North Korean place that doesnt exist

Room with phone and desk on 5th floor The mystery of what the secretive fifth floor may hold had already been a source of much intrigue among travel bloggers. Some in Sun's tour group, most of them seasoned travellers, had heard of it. Sun had not. "We weren't the first group to go to the fifth floor - or the last. In 2011 no tourists had ever been detained in DPRK. The weight of what we were doing didn't occur to us." Today there is a page on Young Pioneer Tours (Sun's tour operators) website stating that the floor is strictly off-limits for tourists. There was no such online warning in 2011. Neither was there one offline. "We were not briefed to stay away from the fifth floor at any stage by the guides, it just wasn't mentioned," says Sun. They had also been informed by another traveller who had already been there, that as the fifth floor doesn't technically exist, they couldn't get in trouble for being there. The group disembarked on the fourth floor and made their way to the stairwell round the back of the hotel.

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Korea World Travel Fair (KOFTA): Nepal Tourism awarded

Nepal Tourism Board in Korea Ltd., Pema Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd., and Wings Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. The platform was used by Nepal to communicate fresh updates on tourism front and to create visibility of Nepal as a destination in Korea market. KOTFA, the largest international travel fair in South Korea, is an ideal platform to reach out to the target market of Korea. More than 50 countries and 50 domestic companies participated in the show to promote their destinations and products. The fair provided an opportunity to meet with Korean travelers and foster mutual relationship with local, regional and global partners. South Korea, with 50 percent Buddhist population, is a steadily growing market for Nepal. Most Koreans view Nepal as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, a pilgrimage destination, spiritually healing and fulfilling.They usually visit Lumbini, Pokhara and trek in the Annapurna or Everest region. Korean visitors to Nepal are usually high-end tourists who are educated and have spending power. Nepal and South Korea have shared friendly diplomatic relations since 1974.

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Travel Is Something Anyone Can Learn About

You'll have to make many decisions when you travel. Sometimes preparation is fun when it comes to taking a trip. You are about to read many pointers concerning making your travel arrangements in a focused manner.

Once you have decided where to go, learn what you can about your destination. Find a map of the country or city that you are visiting. If you learn the area, you will have an easier time while you travel.

It is often wise to choose an aisle seat. Aside from the view, window seats don't have many benefits. An aisle seat gives you better access to the baggage storage, bathrooms, airline staff, as well as prevent you from being squeezed on both sides.

When planning a vacation, be open to new destinations. Many people get into vacation routines, but you can find a little variety and also special deals, helping make your vacations fun and memorable for you and your family. A different destination may save you hundreds of dollars.

Hotel etiquette calls for tipping the bellhop and housekeeping staff. Generally speaking, it is about a dollar for each piece of luggage, and between $2 to $5 for cleaning the room. Tipping ensures good service and is sure to make your interactions with hotel staff more pleasurable.

Visit websites and forums that are related to travel. A travel community is the best way that you can get ready for your trip. This lets you make friends and share experiences to avoid making their mistakes or missing some great spots on your own trip.

You can see exotic animal and plant life in the memorable and remarkable vistas of the desert. Someone who has never experienced a desert will likely find their first exposure very striking. Life is not too short to include a peek at the unique environment of an arid region.

If you're going on a long trip with kids, take along a cookie sheet or two. You can use them as a table on which to draw or play a game. For young kids, magnetic numbers and letters can be fun and educational to bring with.

Cash in traveler's checks before shopping or eating. While most places do accept traveler's checks, they can be difficult to deal with. You could find yourself losing money by using them, so be smart and exchange for the local currency.

Using the Internet to book your traveling requires only one stop. Travel websites allow you to account for all your major travel expenditures without much work on your part. You can book flights, hotels, and rental cars all from your computer! Pictures and reviews of hotels are right at your finger tips. You'll also find great discounts while planning your trip, and deals are often offered for last-minute arrangements.

Bring travel candles with you when you are staying in a hotel. This can make your room smell a bit better. The smells can be relaxing, the lighting romantic and it can help you feel more at ease in an unfamiliar hotel room. The majority of candle manufacturers have smaller sized candles available, making them convenient to bring along when you travel.

Planning your travels ahead of time can actually be enjoyable and make things easier on you. Try using these tips to keep your travels more fun from the beginning to the end.
"North Korea: A surfers’ paradise? " via FOX NEWS  #Travel #Adventure
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