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Will this 8-year-old girl stick with coding? Fun project with dad attracts gifts from tech community

“We went into this thing called the Bird Nest and a bunch of people were just hanging out in it,” Catherine said of the workspace high in the trees at the Spheres. Carter Rabasa and Catherine look through the database of stickers they created. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser) Watching her dad write code on his own laptop has definitely influenced Catherine, and she got into the practice herself by learning Scratch more than a year ago at an Hour of Code event at the Amazon Meeting Center. Invented at MIT, Rabasa called Scratch by far the most popular way for kids Catherine’s age to learn how to code. She enjoys making comic books by matching pictures and words, and she pieces together images and music for videos. She also built a game. “I made a shark game that me and dad worked on and it’s pretty good,” Catherine said. “It’s a very complicated code, where you’re a fish and you try not to get eaten by this shark. When the shark gets close to you … it’s supposed to open its mouth.” Whether or not Catherine sticks with coding and is a young girl whose STEM potential is fully realized, she’s definitely getting a better understanding of branding and marketing — an area that her father knows well. In the cut-throat world of tech recruiting, he said companies are trying very hard to get developers to pay attention and care.

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